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Time Recording

Time recording and work in progress systems are our core business. We initially designed for accountancy practices and then designed for other professional practicess. This latest generation of our software is an excellent tool for any professional practice, whether they be consultants, solicitors, surveyors or auditors (this isn't an exclusive list! - if your field of expertise isn't mentioned don't feel offended because there's none intended.)

Work Planning

Job Cards provide rudimentary information about a job and the stage it is at - whether that be 'Ready to Start' or at the 'Review' stage.

Holiday Planner

How often have you had a problem with staff holidays? It's always a difficult area as people often have to book holidays with a Travel Agent before they know exactly what days they will need off...

My Mail

We have developed a fully 'internal' intranet mailing system - that means that you can send messages to any current member of your staff.

My To Do

Each member of staff has there own private to do list. It is not accessible by anyone else.


Privacy Policy

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